"If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing."

- African proverb

"Tahya is an outstanding teacher!"

- Roberta Whitcomb, retired 20-year Secondary School Administrator
"Tahya ABSOLUTELY demonstrates knowledge of the subject matter. She obviously has taken the time to understand the object of dance and her enthusiasm is evident every minute of the class."

- Gayle Justice
"Tahya adds to the breadth of what it is to be a successful and assertive woman today. She leads us to expand our confidence in our femininity, our sensuality, and to deepen our spirituality and inner sense of ourselves. Tahya models how to bring together mind, body and spirit.

Tahya's classes tap into and celebrate our spirituality as well as heighten our sensuality:  they are deliciously FUN!"

- Annette Carpien, Certified Life Coach & Master level Relationship Coach 
Great Relationships Coaching
"Tahya makes learning easy with no unnecessary road blocks to absorbing technique.
She facilitates her class participants dropping ego at the door, 
allowing the self to get out of its own way, revealing the beautiful, joyous essence within."
- Bonnie Harter, BonFire Studios
"The most beneficial aspect of this class is tapping into my 'inner beauty' and learning how to move in new ways. The handouts give a great introduction to the history and importance of the dance. Tahya is always well-prepared for class, bringing new and exciting ideas each week. I was never bored and always challenged!"

- Amy Johnson
"I just want to tell how much I enjoy class! I am feeling better about myself as a woman. My posture is much better and I am more aware of refraining from slouching. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in rediscovering their body. Shukran!!!!
- Kathy Lewis
Thank YOU!!!!!! Helping women feel good about their bodies, and their spirituality, and their femininity is an amazing feat...Ladies, take this class!
- Carol Van Geizen
"As a personal fitness trainer, I do 300 sit-ups every day and yet
participating in Tahya's belly dance class I find works the abs better than anything else!
I am having fun *and* I can really feel all the muscles being utilized ~
the obliques, the rectus abdominis and the transverse abdominis all ache when I leave this class."

- Lori Bergen
"I am very excited to report my private lessons with Tahya have improved my posture to the point that I measured 1/2" taller at my most recent doctor's appointment!"
- Antonietta Lubrano
"On a typically busy day I attended your belly dancing class where our usual post-dancing routine includes stretching and breathing exercises before departing. Immediately after class I went to give blood close by. The technician checked my blood pressure and informed me my blood pressure was excellent. I attribute this to the exercising, stretching, and breathing I get at your class. I believe stress reduction and relaxation are key factors to my lowered blood pressure. Thanks!"

- Gloria Marker
"The most beneficial aspect of the class is the fact that, no mater how stressful your life, this class offers a place to go to escape... The atmosphere is friendly, the music is provocative, and I am using abdominal muscles I didn't know I had. At 45, I am reminded that my sensuality is still very much alive; it just needed to be exercised. I learned a new type of dance which is seductive and sexy... I had no idea this class would be this much fun. When I signed up, I expected it to be a regimented, serious exercise class. Boy, was I wrong! I have recommended it to friends, clerks in stores, strangers, everyone!


- Jackie L. Saylor
"Thank you for a truly wonderful experience in your dancing and drumming classes at Northampton Community College. Every session was delightful, invigorating, transforming, and just plain fun! Having been a teacher before moving to the Lehigh Valley, I have some understanding of the challenge of instructing, encouraging, and guiding students through the learning process. You have the ability to teach with a kindness, grace, and an infectious joy. It is a true gift, well crafted. I look forward to continuing my exploration of the dance and drum with you."
- Deirdre Kwiatek
"Dance class with TAHYA is great for one's inner being
and I would love others to experience it!

- Lauren Simmons
"Every week I looked forward to your belly dancing class at Northampton Community College and every week I was rewarded with new knowledge about the art form. I have virtually no musical background so I really benefited from your approach to learning dance: first dissect the music to understand the beat. I've become enamored with Middle Eastern music and am always dancing around the house. My husband appreciates how happy it makes me! Thanks for opening up a whole new world....I'll be taking more classes!"
- Linda Kondikoff
"The most beneficial aspect of this course was learning to relax
about being a woman and appreciate my body;
I learned that it's OK to relax, to stop being rigid, and to enjoy dressing up!"

- Brenda Ebeling
"I just want to tell how much I enjoy class! I am feeling better about myself as a woman. My posture is much better and I am more aware of refraining from slouching. I purchased your DVD and have found it is an awesome way to refresh in between classes. You go through the moves slowly where I can take my time and see how you are doing each move. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in rediscovering their body. Shukran!!!!

- Kathy Lewis

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Whether it's a celebratory dance for a party among family and friends
or a professional skill level you seek,
the Tahya Technique ~ will liberate new dimensions of self-expression
and unlock the creative essence inside of you!