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SHAKE IT UP!  Bring Joy to your life with the Systrum™

ACTIVATE Spiritual Upliftment; 
ENLIVEN the Creative Spirit within *YOU* 
REJUVENATE your sense of Joy ...


CLICK HERE to register for 4-8-2017  program @ Northampton Community College

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TAHYA reveals the mystery, and mystical music-making of the Systrum™ which holds a deep history/herstory dating back thousands of years

This program includes a presentation of images amassed related to ancient Egyptian Queens and Musician Chantresses/Priestesses depicted playing sistra as well as an interactive participatory component.

This easy-to-play handheld percussion piece is a wonderful addition to your world music instrument collection with numerous applications:

     Bring ancient civilization studies alive

     Display as decorative item in your home, studio or office

     Engage  your imagination & spirit of philanthropy while
exploring the 
age-old yet untold rich history of this instrument * 

     Enhance your band's sound on stage or in the studio

     Enliven a drum circle

     Enrich ceremonial events

      Instigate healing rhythms practice ~ for example, Music Therapists empower clients w/ physical challenges

     PLAY! Like a rattle in a baby’s hand, it’s easy to play. Share the magic & joy!

*An objet d'art it also has artistic merit and decorative purpose. Inspired by the instrument used as rhythmical accompaniment in ancient Egyptian culture, the Systrum™ stands 16" high, beautifully handcrafted from rosewood with nickel silver jingles.

You definitely want the Systrum™ in your home,
office, classroom, music studio....

in your hand! 

For 40+ years, Tahya has been engaged in studying & teaching traditional Middle and Far Eastern sacred and secular rhythms and dance leading to her role in re-emerging the Systrum™. Lecture notes are attributed to personal research as well as research conducted and shared by Tahya’s guru, Mimi Janislawski.  Along the way Tahya discovered parallels to Layne Redmond's research on the frame drum which has common roots in the Ancient Mediterranean World.

No previous experience necessary.

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 Tahya Sysytrum