Tahya Handouts

     Greetings and Welcome


This is the page where you can access various documents I have put together over the years to quench the thirst of my class participants' curiosity about some of the history of the dance as well as costuming ideas and patterns. 

The information on costuming primarily comes from a wonderful book* in my collection that, at least the last time I checked, is out of print.  Also contained therein are instructions and patterns from a now-retired costume designer extraordinaire ~ the one and only Ellen Laincz!


And don't miss other recommended reading (for example, "Must Reads") ala the Links & Resources page.



Click here  for a video review of gentle seated stretches as presented by Tahya,
typically offered 
as part of her Mudra classes *and* applicable to anyone seeking
an opportunity to keep blood circulating and oxygen flowing through
the neck, shoulders, arms and down into wrists and fingertips.





*The Belly Dance Costume Book by Zarifa Aradoon