Hand Drum Traditions

Explore and Celebrate the Spirit of Rhythm

@ Tahya Salon
Lehigh Valley

1:00-2:30 pm

Sunday Series

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~ Weekend Retreats ~
Dance & Drum with TAHYA

 Making rhythm and movement accessible in your DAILY life


Embark on a journey toward relaxation and healing as your creative spirit is kindled. Discover the movements residing within that resonate with the circular patterns of ancient traditions as we spiral in recognition of individual eminence.

Tahya combines movements steeped in antiquity with the sounds of riqq, frame drum, dumbek, finger cymbals, sistrum and bell to create an invocation in recognition and celebration of individual eminence.

Rise to higher levels of physical and spiritual awareness
as you explore ancient cultures through age-old rhythms and movement.

* * *

"Even my beginning students found her teaching accessbile.
 Tahya's teaching inspired us..."
- Kawakib (Anthea Poole), Fredericksburg, VA


Playing simple rhythmic patterns on hand drums, participants experience synchronization and expanded creativity. Combining hand drumming with movement is an effective way of centering the body/mind/spirit.

The weekend's classes opens with a series of gentle stretches followed by a series of circular movements within our individual vehicle for being. Soft and fluid upper torso and arm movements influenced by Indian mudras, and classical Persian and Lebanese hand movements, allow poetic thoughts to imbue the body's movements. Next, we explore the magic of the veil, bringing form to the invisible.

Everyone is then invited to play hand drum. We start with the basic strokes but as the class progresses improvisation is encouraged. Gradually, movement is added as we recreate the oldest known dance: the ritual act of walking a circular path. The class then progresses to more advanced choreographed patterns of circles within circles as we spiral toward recognition of our deepest selves.

Finally we create a candlelit procession that combines our authentic movements with the sounds of frame drum, dumbek, finger cymbals, sistrum and bell in recognition and celebration of individual eminence.


"I appreciated the connection between rhythms and movements ~ it was unusual but well-explained.

.... share Tahya's enthusiasm for the complex and beautiful Middle Eastern rhythms."
- George Fairchild, Bethlehem, PA

Connecting movement with rhythmic drumming is power-full ~ Experience expanded imagination, creativity, individual growth and fulfillment ~ important components to relaxing and recovering a personal spiritual connection to the power of one's creativity.

This class is open to ALL interested. The greater the variety of skill level among participants, the more interesting the layers of rhythm patterns and choreography that can evolve.

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"Tahya gently yet powerfully combined movement and voice and drum. Her dance/movement exercises isolated the various muscles of the body, helping stretch and awaken them all. I was amazed at how her belly dancing instruction expanded my dance moves, not just in belly dancing, but also into my other dance styles enriching them as well.

"(This) program got me fully present to ... the moment; it got me fully checked in with my own energy and into a good, strong space. Furthermore, it enhanced the entire group all flowing together."
- Mary Rooker, Takoma Park, MD
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"We enjoyed the "freedom" felt by the drumming and dancing experience."
- Sr. Sandy Pelusi, Sisters of Mercy, Pittsburgh, PA

"I felt an ancient primal connection when we were drumming and ... by taking these steps around the circle, they are indeed taking
me in the direction of the emerging Goddess within me. I cannot wait to get together again..."
- Virginia (Ginger) Docktor
Certified Shiatsu Practitioner
Newtown Square, PA

RECREATING RITUAL Click here for article penned by Tahya ~ a personal philosophy on how drumming and dance heightens our awareness of passionate soulful existence and generates a positive esprit which we can bring to our families and into the communities in which we live.

Tahya with Andrea Parker Halford in Edinburgh

"I loved the "de-stressing" exercises we did early on in the workshop. Tahya invited us to center ourselves, tap into our creative energy, and then allow it to flow out. These exercises stop the mind from focusing on stresses and fears (which inhibit the dancer) and allow the creative part of the self to become dominant, filling and radiating from the body. It felt wonderful!"
- Andrea Parker Halford, Edinburgh (Scotland)

Click here for complete review by Andrea Parker Halford

Journey toward relaxation and healing
using ancient patterns of rhythm & movement:
an exercise in synchronicity valuable to ALL levels of dancers and/or drummers!
However, no previous experience required,
just a desire to tap into your own graceful, healing harmony---
the rhythm of your breath, the beat of your heart,
and the creative spirit that dances within us all.


I hear a drum in my soul's ear...
coming from the depths of the stars 

                        - Rumi