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World Drums & Dance  

World Drums & Dance
Building community through ancient sacred movement & drumming,
come together in a creative experience.

NOTE: In addition to community participatory programs, Grant and Tahya also present a program of poetry recitations with percussive soundscape entitled, 'Tonight's Subject: Love.' Tahya recites selections of Rumi, Hafiz and Gibran all the while doing dance & mudra/gesture accompanied by Grant who plays riqq, tabla, tar and assorted other percussion creating a lovely soundscape to accompany the poetry. For more info., go to Poetry & Percussion. This program is also applicable to arts education cross-curriculum programming ~ e.g., English, Literature, World history/cultures, Music, etc.

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Independently they have performed throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. Working together combining their talents, Tahya and Grant have enjoyed successful presentations at a variety of venues throughout Pennsylvania. They now look forward to bringing their talents into your community to promote the unity drumming and dance render.  Experience the joy of rhythm and movement ~ it is invigorating and fun!

Art, music, and dance easily travel beyond the boundaries of language building minds without borders and minds that can cross borders. The intention of this program is to serve as a bridge sparking an interest and enthusiasm for drumming and dance while sharing positive esprit and healing harmony.

Grant Smith masterfully teaches drumming. He considers drumming a great tool, 'an ancient technology' for bringing people together for community, healing, and joy. Together with Tahya, he invites participants to embrace the music and dance to emerge renewed and refreshed.

Tahya combines 20 years experience teaching Danse Orientale, a tradition steeped in antiquity, with the talents of Grant Smith, a brilliant percussionist expertly versed to present North African, Middle & Far Eastern rhythms.

Designed to spark an interest and enthusiasm for drumming and dance while sharing positive esprit, this program begins with a guided-movement segment facilitated by Tahya with drum accompaniment by Grant Smith. Then, Grant introduces basic hand drumming methodology and teaches participants a specific rhythm with its varied parts. In addition, program includes

  • - Brief overview of rhythms & drums from around the world
  • - Introduction to basic elements of dance/movement starting with a simple series of stretches, leading up to the oldest known dance: Walking a circular path
  • - Celebrating the connections between all cultures and the strength found in diversity
  • - "Hands-on" drumming participation

Harmonious community emerges.

With humanity's need to express the spirit within, our goals include:

sharing positive esprit and graceful healing harmony while experiencing the joy of rhythm and movement; engaging persons of all ages to explore their creativity; illustrating the magical ability of drumming and dance to inspire beauty, respect and tolerance in the hearts of children, women and men (while having fun!); promoting the unity these arts render.


"Tahya can transform any school assembly or concert hall into another time and place with her artistry.
I have performed with her and she is a true artist as well as a gifted communicator."

- David Amram, internationally-acclaimed


"Tahya's workshops have helped me not only play music but feel it from my toes to my fingers and throughout my entire being. Although I have been a professional musician for many years, I genuinely feel that Tahya's workshops have brought my appreciation and ability to play music to another level - heightening the connection between voice, rhythm, body, mind and spirit. I encourage anyone from beginner to expert to enjoy her wonderful concerts, workshops and other activities.

"In addition, I found the workshop with Grant was wonderful.
He brings marvelous playing abilities as well as a sense of joy, humor and fun.
This combination can't help but touch a class of students and give them the gift of exceptional learning!
Spread more joy and peace through music!"

- Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou, Lehigh Valley, PA
Folksinger& Honda Corp. STOMP! teaching artist



In addition, consider our dance and rhythm in-school programming.

IDEA!  Partner with school(s) in your area to afford several institutions the opportunity to split the total fees. Schedule a date soon to present Tahya & Grant Smith in your locale.


To schedule a date to bring this workshop to your community:

Contact Tahya: tahya (at) hathorsystrum (dot) com