Sacred Spiral


Arise the Goddess Within
Self-expansion Experiences
with TAHYA

Re-awaken a vibrant sense of femininity and a deeper level of well being

Retreat from the stress of modern life...
Kindle your creative spirit as you explore rhythms & movements
steeped in antiquity accompanied by systrum, frame drum, cymbals and bell...

TAHYA is a vibrant and natural dancer with over 25 years of teaching and performance experience both nationally and internationally. Tahya's on-going dance and frame drum classes and weekend workshop/retreats explore multi-cultural sacred and secular dance traditions. Her grounded, earthy, sensual style celebrates the beauty within. She facilitates authentic, joyful, expressive, spiritual & holistically beneficial dance echoing the circular patterns of ancient traditions. Tahya considers the dance a tool for healing, reconnecting with our bodies and arising the Great Goddess within as well as allowing it to ripple out to the communities in which we live.

Women of all ages ~ maiden, mother, queen, crone ~ are invited topartake in Tahya's circle, a unique program encouraging and introducing women to drumming and movement practices steeped in antiquity (and our common women's heritage). This program empowers women to re-member and re-create ceremony and ritual. She considers it an honor to re-acquaint others with the tools for meaningful practice in our daily lives, re-emerging and re-awkening the Goddess energy within!


On a late Summer evening under a full moon, "the crisp chill in the evening's air, the warmth of the fire, the smell of burning sage, the rhythmic beating of drums along with the energy emanating from our souls resounding the earth and touching other souls was a moment of pure bliss, not just a revival of some ancient ritual. The energy intensified as it passed from woman to woman in this special drum circle. I even felt a burst of energy emerging from my womb, my unborn child did not want to miss out on such a glorious event, a spiritual ceremony where we respect ourselves and the earthly elements. This being my first time partaking in this rite, I found myself in a very different place, more humbled and not fit for the society we live in today. Today's society cripples our ability to feel the positive energy we have to offer; it was very refreshing to be in touch with such a positive energy in an overall negative world."

-Genevieve Perez-Serrano

Recognized as the Lehigh Valley's "leading authority" on dances from throughout the Middle and Far East, she is well-known for her classes at Northampton Community College and Lehigh Valley Hospital's Healthy You Programs as well as for her appearances at venues such as Musikfest, Mayfair, Bethlehem's Sculpture Garden Performing Arts Series, Red Hat chapter meetings, Girl Scout meetings, guest lectures at Muhlenberg college, etc.

Tahya is a flamboyant presence in the way that a rose or peony can be flamboyant: colorful, graceful and profound.
She demonstrates mudras and an invocation
to the Earth and the Heavens... 
revealing something sacred and most ancient.

- Maureen LeFay, Denver, CO

Utilizing a vocabulary of movement, from middle and far eastern arts, Tahya gently encourages participants in the process of trusting and celebrating the body's wisdom, experiencing one's natural grace and power, and unveiling the creativity and passion residing within.

Women seeking psychological, spiritual, emotional, and physical balance appreciate the TAHYA Sacred Spiral program as an introduction to a heightened sense of wellness. Tahya's programs engage one's body, mind and spirit invigorating a vibrant sense of femininity, and a deeper level of well being. Participants are empowered, uplifted and experience awakened inner creativity.

Embark on a journey toward kindling creative spirit; discover the movements residing within that resonate with the circular patterns of ancient traditions as we spiral in recognition of individual eminence.

Rise to higher levels of physical and spiritual awareness. Move your body toward deeper levels of being, integrating an elegant, refined, elevated sense of self as you explore women's culture through dance. Experience expanded imagination, creativity, individual growth and fulfillment ~ important components to relaxing and recovering a personal spiritual connection to the power of one's femininity.

At the weeklong seminar I host in Manhattan,
Tahya offered her meditation technique to participants
as a means of using some of the principles of this dance to totally relax,
go within yourself and then better express yourself.
I think this helps a dancer to develop as a performer.

- Morocco, internationally-renowned Instructor/Performer,
Founder and Artistic Director Casbah Dance Experience
"Tahya makes the movements accessible to everyone in the group plus her committment to the subject matter really shows. At the end of class my body felt great."
- MoonEagle Arndt, MA, Expressive Arts Therapist & Mental Health Administrator

"Even my beginning students found her teaching accessible. Tahya's teaching inspired us..."
- Kawakib (Anthea Poole), Fredericksburg, VA

"We enjoyed the "freedom" felt by the drumming and dancing experience."
- Sr. Sandy Pelusi, Sisters of Mercy, Pittsburgh, PA

"Dance class with TAHYA is great for one's inner being and I would love others to experience it!
I would walk into class a poor, lonely overstressed drone and I would leave in control as a power-full ultimately feminine woman!"
- Lauren Simmons, Easton, PA

Tahya with Andrea Parker Halford in Edinburgh

"I loved the "de-stressing" exercises we did early on in the workshop. Tahya invited us to center ourselves, tap into our creative energy, and then allow it to flow out. These exercises stop the mind from focusing on stresses and fears (which inhibit the dancer) and allow the creative part of the self to become dominant, filling and radiating from the body. It felt wonderful!"
- Andrea Parker Halford, Edinburgh (Scotland)

Click here for complete review by Andrea Parker Halford

"I attended Suzanna Del Vecchio's oriental dance retreat in July 2005 (see Tahya links page for more details) at which Tahya was the guest teacher. Tahya is a flamboyant presence in the way that a rose or peony can be flamboyant; colorful, graceful and profound. She began class by demonstrating mudras and an invocation to the Earth and the Heavens. I was momentarily stunned by the sensation ~ as if a bell was rung inside my body ~ but followed Tahya's movements, aware that she was revealing something sacred and most ancient. Tahya then demonstrated the "Invocation to Shiva, Lord of the Dance" and my heart center burst open and a great, fiery light suffused my vision and awareness of time ceased to exist. I felt the beauty of the cosmos unfolding itself to me through Tahya dancing the "Invocation to Shiva." I was intensely aware of the Universe, the Divine, of Shiva standing watch over me, over all peoples - over the earth, the cosmos - with such incredible, powerful love. I felt purpose, history, eternity, and the power of LOVE in an enormous blast of the Divine that held me in an embrace. And then the eyes of Shiva moved on and I was left with the awareness that this one hour lesson with Tahya was precious and to be absorbed. Furthermore I saw that Tahya sparkled with Light."
- Maureen Meegan, Denver, CO

"I enjoyed your teaching and your performance at Suzanna Del Vecchio's retreat in Rocky Mountain National Park (see Tahya links page for more details). I was glad to meet you!
- Maria, proprietress Boulder Belly Grams
Boulder, CO

"Before attending Tahya's workshop I was a little skeptical that dance could be used in meditation, but after participating in the movements I now know that there is a power in movement that cannot be explained fully in words. I felt more peaceful and more enlightened after taking Tahya's workshop. I even used it to calm my nerves prior to my performance the following night!! It definitely made a difference! Thank you for the workshop, it really was amazing.
- Anica Maggard, New York, NY

"Your session at the (Morocco's January 2006 week-long mid-Manhattan) seminar brought a new level, a whole new life to my performance on Thursday night! It went beautifully! I even got a couple of the ladies to go thru the ritual you introduced to us before we went on stage and they too felt a notable difference! Everyone who pursues this dance should definitely know the possibilities of bringing their performance to new heights! Once again I thank you... Blessed be."
- Tiffany Zeigler, New York, NY

"Tahya gently yet powerfully combined movement and voice and drum... (This) program got me fully present to the moment; it got me fully checked in with my own energy and into a good, strong space."
- Mary Rooker, Takoma Park, MD

"When dancing these centuries-old traditions, it did not matter that I have only one breast; I felt more womanly than I had felt in a long time. I was connected to movement rich in . . . healing rituals."
- Monica McAghon, breast cancer survivor, Easton, PA

"Tahya adds to the breadth of what it is to be a successful and assertive woman today. She leads us to expand our confidence in our femininity, our sensuality, and to deepen our spirituality and inner sense of ourselves. Tahya models how to bring together mind, body and spirit."
- Annette Carpien, Certified Life and Relationship Coach
Great Relationships Training Co.

"In class with Tahya I learned that dancing is enjoyable & spiritual and that I am unique in my own body-mind-spirit. I also learned that my essence is wonderful and has a purpose."
- Brenda Ebeling, Allentown, PA

"Without reservation I endorse Tahya's work as a beautiful, effective complement to any traditional therapy model."
- Lori Cotler MA, CMT, Professor of Music Therapy, New School University, NYC

Bringing ancient technologies into our modern lives,
Tahya has been teaching Danse Orientale, a tradition steeped in antiquity, for over 30 years.
The focus of her life/work/play/art in the new millennium
is to use music, rhythm and dance as a pathway for awakening inner creativity,
to find the music that dances within us all,
allowing graceful healing harmony
to emerge as part of daily existence.


Contact Tahya for information about one-day 3-hour abbreviated class description,
a detailed sample outline of a retreat weekend class schedule


Launched in August 2004 Tahya is now touring a program of poetry recitations enhanced by a percussive soundscape provided by Grant Smith. For more information, go to Poetry & Percussion in Performance ~ Tonight's Subject: Love.


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Photo credit: Hub Wilson


Intoxicated with love
I too dance the rhythm of this moving world


- Rumi





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