Lehigh Valley Percussion Priestesses

LV Percussion Priestesses


Lehigh Valley Percussion Priestesses:

Celebrating the Spirit of Love, Living, Creativity & Rhythm
teka dum pah!  Debbie, Leticia & Tahya

With sincere intention, we welcome the invitation to
     - dedicate your space with our service

     - ceremonially open your special occasion

Following the model of ancient tradition, we process into the space (whether it be outdoor or indoor, sacred or secular) playing frame drum, finger cymbals, khartal, riqq and/or Systrum ... to invoke opening of the heart, and blessing & holding sacred space. May the blessings be!

22. frame drum GodfreyPhoto Credit:  Tru Spirit Imaging

What people are saying:

         The Lehigh Valley Percussion Priestesses procession created a sacred space for the ceremony. Through the power of three, through the vibration of drum and cymbal, but most especially through the power of intent, I could feel the atmosphere in the room subtly growing more and more suffused with love until it was completely full.  - Cleveland Wall

            The music is beautiful and moving - Rev. Nelson Quiñones

           I was moved by your presentation.
         In fact, I was surprisingly moved by how moved I was! 
- Gregory Coates, Fuse Art Infrastructure 

           Your ritual brought brought the essence of the Goddess to this wedding ceremony, I felt her.
           It was beautiful; you filled our hearts with
           joy, spirituality, music, and love! -
Andi Grunberg, Expressions Studio

         * * *
LVPercPriestess 72
LV Percussion Priestesses (L toR) Leticia, Tahya & Debbie G.
Photo Credit:  Greg Wallace

LV Percussion priestesses with bride  




Thank you! Your contribution
to our wedding ceremony
felt as though you had cleansed
and blessed the space, 
allowing for the Divine to be present.

                       ~ Beautiful Bride Deirdre 







LV Percussion Priestesses (back in our "street clothes")
with Beautiful Bride Deirdre, July 2015

To book us for your special event, contact TAHYA info (at) hathorsystrum (dot) com or click here: tahya.com/contact

PS:  Want to learn to play one of these percussion instruments?  Contact TAHYA info (at) hathorsystrum (dot) com or click here: tahya.com/contact

Click here for a link to 2013 Ceremonial Opening of Sunday performances @ Musikfest ~ expanded ensemble including guest artists Michael MacCubbin and Grant Smith among others.


Dendera Procession of Seven Hathors

Hymn of the Seven Hathors from the Temple of Dendera
"We play the tambourine for Your Ka,
We dance for Your Majesty,
We exalt You To the height of heaven.

You are the Mistress of Sekhem,The Menat and the Sistrum,The Mistress of Music, For whose Ka one plays.
We praise Your Majesty every day,
From dusk until the earth grows light,
We rejoice in Your Countenance, O Mistress in Dendera!

We praise You with song.You are the Lady of Jubilation... (whose) heart rejoices over our performance..."

From the 5th Crypt of the Temple of DenderaMariette: Dendérah, Tome 3, pl. 60.
Translated by Neferuhethert, © 2002



June 2017:  Ready to perform processional 
Pagan Pride Festival, Cedar Creek Parkway, Allentown, PA

Percussion Priestesses in the park

March 2017:  Backstage, ready to perform processional 
Ware Center for the Arts, Lancaster, PA

September 2016:  Backstage, ready to perform traditional Egyptian processional known as Zeffa
in concert with Hossam Ramzy and the Baladi & Blues Band
Williams Center for the Arts, Lafayette College, Easton, PA