Mystical Mudra Class

~ YOGA for your Hands ~
Explore Mudra, Mantra and Sanskrit Chants

Improve circulation, relieve arthritis pain, resist carpal tunnel.

coming to Northampton Community College, Bethlehem
Monday 6:00 - 7:00 PM
$39 Class Fee
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Enjoy the benefits of yoga for your hands which can be practiced sitting, standing, or walking,
any time/place ~ stuck in traffic, at the office, watching TV.  



Explore ancient traditional vocabulary of mudra, mystic positions of the hand,
and their spiritual and magical empowerment of body, mind, spirit.


Mudra also promote healthful hands and enhance creative ceremony. 
We also invoke Shakti, the great feminine energy that exists within, 
via specific mantra.

Tahya, a spell-binding dancer who moves from the heart, 
has over 30 years of dedicated teaching and disciplined 
training in Middle and Far Eastern dance arts allowing her 
to facilitate your freely expressing the essence 
of the goddess within *YOU* ....

                             and the beauty within us all!  



Class participants had this say when asked what they liked about the class:

The information given, the handouts and the energy and love illuminated by the teacher.  
I love the results in my body after connecting with and doing these practices.
- MaryAnn Turanchik

Increased energy from the participation and Tahya's embodiment of the divine feminine is contagious! - Elizabeth Jordan

Tahya was inspiring and insprational.  (I) learned valuable skills for hands and beyond.  
I feel committed to making this a part of my every day routine.
 - Barbara Kephart

(This class) opened up my mind to explore ways to help with pain in my hands.  (Tahya) is animated and interesting to follow.
She used a lot of handouts to help participants be able to practice...
 - Barb Lewis

Good help for finger dexterity. - Anonymous





To book this program as a private or group lesson, demonstration at community event, etc.,  

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