Certification Training Program


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April 7, 2018 4-CEU Program
This class is open to all interested including but not limited to 
Massage Therapists
Physical Therapists
Art, Music and Dance therapists
Support group administrators and/or facilitators
- DISCOVER innovative methods of healing through mudra & movement 
- ASSIST your own and your patients' development of
4 CEU program DATES/TIMES:  
SAT APRIL 7, 2018 || 9 am - 1 pm
             ALLENTOWN (PA) LOCALE:             
Lecture/Classroom @ CSC*
(Cancer Support Community of the Greater Lehigh Valley)
WHAT's "IN IT" for you? 
-  Earn 4 CEU's while utilizing mudra and movement traditions
 deeply steeped in antiquity as a pathway to relaxation and healing. 
-  Refresh your enthusiasm while recovering a personal spiritual connection to health.
$75 registration fee includes:  
4 hours of lecture, movement & practical exercises
Co-Sponsored by Cancer Support Community Greater Lehigh Valley 
Contact PH: 610.861.7555 / email:  info (at) cancersupportglv.org







OTHER/ADDITIONAL Training program:

Tahya Technique™  Artful Dance ~ Healing Movement 
Certification Training Program


... a pathway to women's wellness
14-CEU Certification program includes 14 hours 
of lecture, dance classes, discussion and practical exercises.

Utilize the best global practices of ancient movement and drumming traditions
as a pathway to relaxation and healing!
YOU can give others the opportunity to expand their imagination, creativity,
individual growth and fulfillment ~ important components to recovering a personal,
spiritual connection to health, complementing one's recovery process.

Our goal is to help give women recovering from surgery
an opportunity to reframe and restore positive body image.  
By participating in gentle movement classes, clients experience an improved sense of balance
and gain deeper connectedness to their sense of identity and femininity.

MORE:  'Artful Dance ~ Healing Movement'   participants are introduced to
exploring Danse Orientale for healing, joy and vitality
via gentle guidance through soft and fluid movements
affording greater range of movement and flexibility
as well as heightened sense of body image and self esteem.

This program is targeted for health care professionals *and* is also open to any/ALL individuals interested in:

  • IMAGINATIVE & CREATIVE ways to CONNECT with your clients
  • IMPROVING the MIND/BODY CONNECTION in your patients
  • INNOVATIVE methods of healing through MOVEMENT and DANCE

NOTE: This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the Pennsylvania State Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

To book training program in your community,
please send inquiries to info (at) tahya (dot) com

Tahya Technique™  "Artful Dance ~ Healing Movement" Certification Training Program leads to certification in offering the Tahya Technique™  "Artful Dance ~ Healing Movement" programs a therapeutic, alternative, complementary, holistic and natural pathway to recovery from surgery (or many of life's other "bumps in the road"), restoring wellness and elevating self-esteem.

Recognized as the Lehigh Valley's "leading authority" on dances from throughout the Middle and Far East, Tahya is well-known for her classes at Northampton Community College, Lehigh Valley Hospital's Healthy You Programs and the Cancer Support Community of Greater Lehigh Valley.  She is also highly recgonzied for her appearances at venues such as Musikfest, Mayfair, Bethlehem's Sculpture Garden Performing Arts Series, Red Hat chapter meetings, Girl Scout meetings, guest lectures at Lehigh University, Muhlenberg college, and more.

This program is open to interested parties including but not limited to professionals employed in nursing, counseling, physical therapy, art therapy, etc. particularly those who do a significant amount of work with women in recovery (for example, women recovering from breast surgery), and/or support group administrators or facilitators. The training program introduces the healing potential within dance traditions from the Tahya Technique™ repertoire, i.e., drumming & dance movements "grounded"/rooted in the sacred and secular traditions of North Africa, and the Middle & Far East. The intent is to introduce these arts as accessible tools for relaxation, reconnecting with our deeper selves (and each other), increasing individual creativity and reviving one's health & well being.

This is a 24-hour training program, typically offered over the course of four 6-hour classes. Attendance at all classes is mandatory. Training includes lecture, participatory movement classes, discussion, "homework" assignments and demonstration of knowledge gained via modeling a sample program developed. DVD, glossary of terms, suggested music list, bibliography and lesson plans are among handouts included. Trainees will be critiqued throughout training and must demonstrate complete comrehension of program prior to award of certificate.

1st weekend:
INTRO ~ Friday 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.*
PART I ~ Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.*

Followed by 2nd weekend:
PART II ~ Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.*

*one-hour lunch break at 1 p.m.


Upon completion of training, there are several ways the program may be offered. For example:   A one-time 'Healing Dance' introductory program for support groups (with follow-up when invited to return) and/or a four-class series of one-hour 'Artful Dance ~ Healing Movement' programs held on a weekly or monthly basis.

After participating in the 'Healing Dance' program (one or more times), if further interest is sparked in pursuit of learning more about these ancient arts ~ May the blessings be!

Partake in the Tahya Technique™ Artful Dance ~ Healing Movement
Certification Training Program.

Introduce your clients to these arts as accessible tools for relaxation, reconnecting with our deeper selves (and each other), 
increasing individual creativity and reviving one's health & well being.

Bring this program to health care professionals in your community:




* * *

Tahya is a true artist as well as a gifted communicator.

- David Amram
internationally-acclaimed composer,
conductor, and multi-instrumentalist.

After observing the profound 'healing' taking place with Tahya's students who are Cancer survivors, I was instantly moved and realized the urgency to spread the word to therapeutic communities at large. Without reservation I endorse Tahya's work as a beautiful, effective complement to any traditional therapy model.

Professor of Music Therapy,
New School University, NYC
Thank you very much for presenting a workshop at our Survivors Conference. 
Participants enjoyed your workshop very much. 
We had a successful conference because of your participation.


Karen Schiavone, Cancer Control Specialist
Lehigh Valley Unit American Cancer Society

Tahya's 'Healing Dance' is a prime example of a mind/body program that functions as both physical and mental therapy. As an instructor, Tahya demonstrates compassion and enthusiasm as she motivates and encourages her participants to connect with their physical, emotional and spiritual self.

- Connie Fehr, MS, CHES
Exercise Specialist
Healthy You Programs
Lehigh Valley, PA
Tahya made us all feel special. 
We danced with veils, tapped the rhythm on frame drums, 
and connected to movements rich in women's history and healing rituals.


- Monica McAghon
Easton, PA
NOTE: Read Monica's complete testimony ~ click here

I think it's wonderful... It doesn't hurt what I've done [as a surgeon] - it complements it.
I helped treat the cancer, this has helped (my patient's) mind and spirit.

- Dr. Marian McDonald
Lehigh Valley, PA
Tahya is a talented artist and an engaging facilitator. 
Her program is an interactive experience which is both memorable and impactful.


world-renowned percussionist, 
educator and instrument designer
Founder, FitRhythms
Los Angeles, CA

As a lyme disease victim, I found this dance to be very beneficial in my recovery.
It has helped me to put aside all other things, just for a moment . . . 
and focus on myself ~ mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. 
Tahya has a special gift that she graciously shares with others.

- Joan Orchard
Lehigh Valley, PA
Tahya creates a template that we can translate to any challenge. 
By encouraging us to explore the wisdom of the goddess archetypes via the ancient arts of dancing and drumming, we are able to mindfully connect with our own inner wisdom and shed light on our everyday issues revealing a healing pathway.


- Therese Swift-Hahn
Bella Scrittura Design
Mount Laurel, NJ


To schedule a date to bring this training program to your community:
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