Egypt Beckoned Slide Show | Her-story (History) of the Systrum

Face of the Goddess Hathor from Temple site at Dendera


Her-story & Mystery of the Systrum
Slide show, mini-lecture & participatory program

90-min. program open to any/all interested parties: Men and women welcome.


This program is also ideally suited for elementary, middle and high school arts-education programming!

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Inspired by her travels to Egypt in 2007, Tahya invites you to witness the images from temple sites sacred to ancient Egyptian civilization and to explore the history, mystery and rhythms of the sistrum, a percussion instrument used in ancient temple ceremonies dedicated to Hathor, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of love, music. Percussion instruments provided.

TAHYA reveals the mystery and music-making of the Systrum™
which holds traditions dating back thousands of years.

Enjoy a presentation of ancient Egyptian Queens and Musician Chantresses/Priestesses
 depicted playing sistra... and more!

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