Community Outreach ~ e.g. Museums

Tahya's Community Outreach:  Movement & Mudra programming
cultivates cultural awareness & healthy lifestyle.

Tahya @ Allentown Art Museum 2017Tahya and museum patrons @ Allentown Art Museum NOV 16, 2017

A virbrant Middle and Far Eastern dancer/instructor, Tahya introduces
mudra (hand gestures) and movements 
rooted in ancient arts which 
cultivate cultural awareness and integrate meditative and movement practices,
facilitating a joyful and healthier perspective on life.

Thank you, Tahya for such a wonderful, joyfully-taught session...and the Allentown Art Museum for such a glorious "classroom" in which we found ourselves immersed ~ i.e., amidst the Masters in the Allentown Art Museum!  - Kate Scuffle, Managing Director Selkie Theatre & Co-host WDIY 88.1 FM Arts Salon.

You were a pure joy; exactly what I hoped for and needed. James and I could not say enough good things or stop talking about you, your style and how we felt. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this art to the group last evening - much love and respect.  - Carrie Anne Hillegas, Manager Fit Club Nazarene

I totally agree! Tahya is a true entity. Passionate & professional   James Supra, renowned musician/harmonica player 

Contact Tahya to book this program in your community:
info (at) tahya (dot) com


PS ~ Click here to listen to follow-up Interview Nov. 27, 2017
with Kate Scuffle and her husband George Miller, co-hosts
WDIY 88.1 FM's Lehigh Valley Arts Salon:

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