Corporate & Community Women's Empowerment Program

Arise & Celebrate the Gddess in *YOU*

Awaken your Creativity!   By engaging your unique creative potential you will reduce stress and accelerate your resolution skills.

Music & dance have the power to transport us to another time and place. Tahya loves to harness that power and share her great joy and satisfaction by being involved in the creative process.  Her programs infuse your life with that same passion and enthusiasm.

In addition to performing both nationally and internationally, Tahya now presents corporate, collegiate and community Women's Club programming.  


These programs enhance your life  ~ both professionally and personally!


Furthermore, you will find these practices...
   - Activate Vitality 

   - Boost Memory
   - Improve Balance & Flexibility 

   - Increase Energy

30-40-60 min programs introduce attendees to the wonder of ancient and enduring arts deeply steeped in women's traditions dating back thousands of year. 

Join Tahya in a celebration of your beauty, creativity, confidence, and grace!

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