Mother & Baby Shower


Honor & Celebrate the Mother-to-be!
'Baby Shower' with Tahya 
RENAY LANGLEY'S Baby Shower ~ April 14, 2012:  

Tahya led us in a beautiful meditation connecting us with our inner goddess,
encouraged my friends to step up to the mic to offer their
good wishes & blessings for baby and me,

and then she led us in some dance moves!!! 30 women belly dancing, sooo much fun!
When we arrived home, we turned on music, lit tiki torches, put on our new 
belly dancing hip scarves and danced the new moves she taught us until 1:00 am!!!
Thank you so much, Tahya, for making this baby shower so special!
Tahya Baby Shower


A performance by Tahya at a baby shower will make this momentous occasion most memorable!

Belly dance is a part of women's heritage dating back thousands of years ~ significantly to honor motherhood

Tahya facilitates everyone learning a beautiful hand gesture of giving blessings
while also coming together in a circle sharing their rhythm and creative spirit!
Historically this dance has been a part of women's heritage for thousands of years and one very significant application of the dance has been to gather women together for the purpose of "showering" the new mother-to-be with affection and gifts of food, etc. and to celebrate with drumming and dance! I invite you to include this age-old tradition when planning a baby shower.

A full one-hour program is provided for your shower guests including a relaxing meditation and special blessing for mother and baby plus a mini-lesson which includes a brief overview of the history of middle eastern belly dancing and leading guests in a mini-lesson introducing  hip articulation & graceful hand and arm movements!

Tahya facilitates a fun day with the "girls"!

Book Tahya today for the baby shower you are planning  & rest assured
your guests will be made to feel  part of a very special event
honoring their pregnant friend ~
Showering her with good wishes and
blessings for a safe delivery and healthy newborn!


[Also available: henna"tattoos"**]

**NOTE: For something additionally unique, consider henna "tattoos" (just above the ankle or perhaps on one's shoulder) ~ The history of henna tattoos also dates back thousands of years. Cultures from Africa to the Arab world to South Asia have embraced the art of henna body decoration-for fashion and beauty, for personal expression, for social and religious occasions, for healing purposes and more. In recent years global travel and migration, along with increased communication and cultural sharing has brought henna to many parts of the West, mingling traditional practices with new interpretations and uses. Since the mid-1990s henna body art has enjoyed a vogue throughout the U.S., Europe, and the world.

Henna body art is (way cool!) all natural, temporary, painless, and safe for all skin types - a unique way to decorate your personality, spirit, and body. Henna derives from a plant, whose leaves are dried and crushed to make a powder with natural dying properties. The application of henna creates beautiful designs that temporarily stain the skin a reddish-brown that often develops into a rich brown color and lasts one to three weeks, depending on the care the dyed skin receives.

From the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt to modern-day wedding parties, henna has enjoyed a variety of applications and meanings throughout the centuries.

Enjoy these centuries old arts:
Celebrate your momentous occasion
with drumming & dance!

* * *