Art of Healing Dance

  Artful / Joyful  Movement
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Free to cancer survivors & care partners thru
Cancer Support Community of Greater Lehigh Valley 

Tahya Technique
:: Artful Movement ::
Transformational Healing

an interactive experience of healing...
from the inside out...
designed to kindle your creative spirit
for relaxation & healing

Explore Danse Orientale
a myriad of gestures steeped in women's history for wellness, healing, joy and vitality

Click Here: See Tahya "Art of Healing Dance"
with Eve Tannery on WFMZ TV's SUNRISE

Experience the soft and fluid
arm and upper torso movements
of a tradition rich in women's history
as you journey toward greater range of movement and flexibility
as well as a heightened sense of body image and self esteem.


 Above video provides sample of Tahya Technique™ Healing Dance DVD
For more info., and/or to order the Tahya Technique™ Healing Dance DVD, go to Tahya Online Shop!

"I was so excited when I received your 'Healing Dance' DVD
I immediately sat down and watched the entire DVD.
The DVD is an inspiration and gives me a goal to work towards.
Thank you! "      
- Lynn D., Iowa
* * *

Embark on a journey, toward relaxation and healing as your creative spirit is kindled. Discover the movements residing within that resonate with the circular patterns of the ancient and enduring art of Danse Orientale.

Tahya Technique(tm) 'Healing Dance' program is a therapeutic, alternative, complementary, holistic and natural pathway to recovery from surgery (or many of life's other "bumps in the road"), restoring wellness and elevating self-esteem.

Recognized as the Lehigh Valley's "leading authority" on dances from throughout the Middle and Far East, Tahya is well-known for her classes at Northampton Community College and Lehigh Valley Hospital's Healthy You Programs as well as for her appearances at venues such as Musikfest, Mayfair, Bethlehem's Sculpture Garden Performing Arts Series, Red Hat chapter meetings, Girl Scout meetings, guest lectures at Muhlenberg college, and more.

Tahya considers dance a way to honor the body, the temple of our spirit, this sacred garment we have been provided for this lifetime's journey. She shares the belief that art-making has profound implications for healing, spiritual growth and the full unfolding of human potential.

Whether seeking psychological, spiritual, emotional, or physical balance, women (of all ages, shapes and sizes) have found the dance a true healing tool as they re-discover a heightened sense of creativity, femininity & self esteem. In fact, this dance is helpful for all of us: Danse Orientale is enjoying a renaissance in the new millennium as women discover its ability to melt away stress. This dance expresses womanly grace through its round, circular, fluid motions.

Tahya's 'Healing Dance' program is designed to make movement and dance accessible tools for relaxation and/or improved health and well-being. Connecting movement with rhythmic drumming expands one's imagination, creativity, individual growth and fulfillment ~ important components to recovering a personal spiritual connection to health ~ complementing one's recovery process.

For example, women recovering from breast surgery, such as mastectomy and/or lumpectomies, may be challenged to recover arm movement; however, in class with Tahya, participants are gently guided through soft and fluid movements affording one the opportunity to experience a greater range of movement and flexibility as well as heightened sense of body image and self esteem.

Tahya made us all feel special. We danced with veils,tapped the rhythm on frame drums, circled the floor with finger cymbals and connected to movementsrich in women's history and healing rituals.
- Monica McAghon
Lehigh Valley, PA 
I think it's wonderful...It doesn't hurt what I've done [as a surgeon] - it complements it. I helped treat the cancer, this has helped her mind and spirit.
- Dr. Marian McDonald
Lehigh Valley, PA


After observing the profound 'healing' taking place with Tahya's students who are Cancer survivors, I was instantly moved and realized the urgency to spread the word to therapeutic communities at large. Without reservation I endorse Tahya's work as a beautiful, effective complement to any traditional therapy model.
Professor of Music Therapy,
New School University, NYC


I keep a copy of your 'Healing Dance' DVD on the shelf of the Center's lending library and in my healing work with clients who are experiencing health crisis ~ such as breast cancer or other illnesses that challenge their sense of self-worth ~ your instruction throughout the DVD and relaxing narrative on the companion CD's have proved very helpful. Every time a client returns the DVD and the 'Meditations' CD, they do so with words of thanks and praise for the insights and joy they gained.
- Katrina Valenzuela, Director
Barnstable, MA


Course outline: Class begins with a guided visualization inviting participants to relax. A series of gentle warm-up exercises follow with an introduction to the series of circular movements steeped in the Arabic dance traditions of antiquity. Advanced patterns of circles within circles are introduced as we spiral toward recognition and celebration of ourselves.

Music and dance easily travel beyond the boundaries of language building minds without borders and minds that can cross borders. The intent is to make the art of dance an accessible tool for relaxation and/or improved health and well-being.

This program is open to persons of all ages, shapes and sizes.


For information on ordering a DVD formatted introduction to Danse Orientale with Tahya as a complementary and integrative art therapy, go to Healing Dance DVD


Artmaking encourages vision, hope and imagination -- 
all of which foster the healing process
and enable us to discover our creative potential.

- Gianna Volpe, M.F.A., Artist-in-Residence
University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center
Philadelphia, PA