Art is Education


School Classroom and/or Assembly Programs


Students from Mr. Piston's 7th grade ancient civilizations class at Whitehall-Coplay Middle School are all smiles, beaming with pride, "showing off" their compositions bringing Ancient Egyptian
temple engravings to life!

Give students a break from seated passive learning ...

Art IS Education!


Never have I seen students work so harmoniously and joyfully!

- Leeann Rhoades, Cumberland Valley Schools, PA


A visit from Tahya was a step back into the ancient world for my students. She brought to life the pages of their textbooks.  Moving to the ancient rhythms and creating their own dances made it an experience they will not soon forget.


- Donna Tylenda, St. Anne's Elementary, Bethlehem, PA


Tahya can transform any school assembly or concert hall into another time and place with her artistry. I have performed with her and she is a true artist as well as a gifted communicator."


- David Amram, internationally-acclaimed


The workshop with Grant was wonderful...He brings marvelous playing abilities as well as a sense of joy, humor and fun. This combination can't help but touch a class of students giving them the gift of exceptional learning! Spread more joy and peace through music!


- Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou, Lehigh Valley, PA
Folksinger & Honda Corp. STOMP! teaching artist


NOTE: Poetry & Percussion ~ a program Tahya presents with Grant Smith is an ideal way to introduce and/or celebrate Poetry Out Loud, a National Recitation Contest. Created by the National Endowment for the Arts and The Poetry Foundation, this program encourages high school students to memorize and perform great poems. Poetry Out Loud invites the dynamic aspects of slam poetry, spoken word, and theatre into the English class. This exciting new program helps students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about their literary heritage. Thousands of high school students across the nation will participate in Poetry Out Loud this year. The competition begins at the classroom level, with winners advancing to school-wide, then city-wide, then regional, and ultimately to the National Finals in May 2006, where $50,000 dollars in scholarships and school prizes will be awarded. The Poetry Out Loud Website includes everything that teachers, students, and administrators need in order to participate and information on organizing and planning contests.


CLICK HERE for students' comments following Fall 2003 visit to St. Anne's 6th Grade in Bethlehem, PA.


Fall 2004 visit to St. Anne's 6th Grade in Bethlehem, PA


Tahya offers schools a program that can either fit into an Arts Day Celebration and/or classroom visitation(s) with a participatory component directly involving the students ~ getting them out of their seats for interpersonal, kinesthetic and musical learning!

Tahya presents an enthusiasm for embracing cultures beyond what is inherent. She believes in the value of arts education. She has a natural rapport, working with people of all ages with the intent to present drumming and dance as an important part of daily living.

Bring your ancient civilization studies curriculum to life through a participatory program that explores drumming and dance traditions. Classroom visit includes demonstration of rhythmic patterns on frame drum, and stepping and clapping rhythms as group, evolving into more contemporary culture ~ i.e., teaching the students a simple folkloric dance. May also include creatively composing a sequence of movements inspired by temple drawings and bas reliefs that date back to the time of the Pharoahs.



To foster tolerance for cultural diversity by using drums and dance as a window on world cultures and
To share the joy of rhythm and movement.

Program can include:

  • Lecture/Demonstration on the history of frame drums and/or dance movements steeped in antiquity
  • Dance(s) in vivid costuming
  • Celebrating the connections between all cultures and the strength found in diversity
  • Audience (student and teacher) participation


TAHYA has been devoted to presenting as well as teaching dances steeped in antiquity for over 20 years. Striving to preserve the cultural form of North African and Mediterranean cultures, "Tahya can transform any school assembly or concert hall into another time and place with her artistry. I have performed with her and she is a true artist as well as a gifted communicator," David Amram, internationally-acclaimed composer/conductor/multi-instrumentalist.


Explore World Cultures
Through Music and Dance

Programs for children, young people and adults
heighten appreciation for world cultures
and for the joy of movement:



Assembly Program, Community Workshop, Museum and Festival Performances:
  • Instill an understanding that leads to learning tolerance of others' ideas & concepts. Respect for self is developed along with a greater capacity for respecting the efforts of others.


Arts-in-Ed Classroom Visitation(s):

Participatory program comes into the classroom to provide a break from the passive act of learning while seated at a desk and introduces students to the elements of dance while transmitting an appreciation for rhythm and dance traditions of North African, Middle and Far Eastern cultures. Ideally, offered as a multi-day event for greater immersion.

  • Working in partnership with classroom teachers, music and dance are integrated as a bridge to the unique cultures of the world.
  • Bridging boundaries ~ As students investigate the historical context of costumes, music and dance from various cultures, they gain insight into the lives, beliefs and expressive modes of others. They become increasingly able to reflect upon, understand, describe, and respect the origins of their own culture and environment.


Drum & Dance classes activate multiple intelligences:

    • Body/Kinesthetic ~ through physical activities
    • Musical/Rhythmic ~ using rhythmic patterns
    • Interpersonal ~ collaborative efforts encouraged
    • Intrapersonal ~ greater awareness of self
    • Logical ~ observing patterns (in the music, in the rhythm, in the dance)
    • Visual/Spatial ~ imagining oneself on a journey spanning the globe


Curriculum integration:
  • Social Studies
  • History
  • Art
  • Math
  • Physical Education
Give students a break from seated passive learning ...

To schedule a date to bring this program to your community:

Contact Tahya:  tahya (at) hathorsystrum (dot) com
and/or for more info. on broader-based community workshops,
click here: Community World Drums & Dance Programming