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Art of Rhythm & Dance with Tahya

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Connect to Creativity & Celebrate Beauty within!

Bring this fun program of drumming & dance to your troop!


Junior Troop 1974 with Tahya, November 2007

The Tahya Technique explores history and traditional rhythms and movements from ancient and enduring arts steeped in women's culture. Program incorporates a mini-lecture plus participatory component for girls and troop leaders. Discover women's role in ancient Egyptian ceremony. Delve into the use of percussion instruments used by women in ancient civilizations, historically handed down from generation to generation, grandmother to granddaughter. Grace is developed as self-esteem is boosted.

Bring this fun program of drumming & dance to your troop!

NOTE: Tahya was among the presenters at the 12th Annual GSEP Young Women's Leadership Conference, March 13, 2010 in Media, PA and the GSEP Spring 2011 Retreat @ Camp Laughing Waters

esmeralda04Learn to "Walk like an Egyptian" ~ Dance like a Gypsy  ~ esmeralda01

~ Pose like a Persian Princess ~


Julia, age 10 ~ May 2011

Thank you for offering workshops at our Young Women's Leadership Conference. 
I could see the girls stand straighter and gain confidence with each movement.

- Linda Delenick, Program Manager, 
 Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania
March 2010

Comments from Girl Scout Leaders:
I really liked that you empowered the girls to feel comfortable in their own skin.
I think it's so very important for them to appreciate who they are
and that they are unique and beautiful.
I loved your discussion about the dance celebrating women.
I loved that you kept the girls engaged. 
You had their complete attention from the beginning...
You treated them with respect and as such, they respected you. 
The program was active and allowed their full participation. 
The dances were beautiful and it was amazing to see how they "got" it as the program went on. They were all smiling, laughing and feeling good about themselves.
I personally loved learning the history of the dance.
I think the girls learned that the dance is more than Shakira shaking her hips.
They learned to have an appreciation for what it stands for and 
the beauty of it and had a TON of fun while doing so.
Thank you again for a wonderful program.
-Tammy Bendler, Leader
Indian Valley Girl Scouts
Junior Troop 306

The girls and I learned bellydancing is really an art form, not just a lot of shaking around.
It's also exercise -- I was feeling some muscles that I haven't felt in a while!

I liked the pace of the dance lessons -- not too fast, but not too slow, either.
Thanks for coming to our troop. We had a great time!

-Tricia Skorpinski, Leader
Great Valley Girl Scouts
Junior Troop 790


When the girls of junior troop 1974 decided to sign up for the program with Tahya
I wasn't really sure what we were getting ourselves into....
Tahya greeted us with a smile and the journey began. 
With just a bit of history under our belt, we were ready to learn the basics.
The pace of the class was great; quick enough for the girls,
but "slow" enough for the adults to join in the fun.
As the class progressed, you could see the confidence of the girls growing.
They especially enjoyed using the instruments and incorporating them into their dance.
We had a great time and I would recommend it to all!


-LaRee Fegely, Leader
Troop 1974

This was a huge hit with the girls. In fact, I was surprised by their response.
If they didn't like dancing before, I think they do now!
Thanks for a truly remarkable program for my girls!

-Barbara Schultz, Leader
Troop 8953


Location: Your troop's meeting place

Times Offered: Flexible ~ days, evenings, weekends

Max: 40 person maximum ~ e.g. 20 girls plus leaders and mothers/grandmothers welcome!

Cost:  approx. $9/pp, plus travel where applicable (outside 20 mi. radius). Please note my minimum compensation is $108 even if there are less than 12 participants with a $50 deposit to secure the date.

Preferrably, please schedule 6-8 weeks in advance

CONTACT TAHYA TODAY! (or call 610-776-7045)


Historically this dance has been a part of women's heritage for thousands of years and the Tahya program typically begins with a brief overview of the history of the dance including a bibliography handout for the scouts to take home. When relaying this brief history I underscore the fact that this dance is deeply steeped in our heritage as women, and these movements have been handed down from generation to generation. Participants are then introduced to one of the more popular rhythm patterns and are invited to step and clap along with live percussion accompaniment (optional, additional fee). Finally, everyone learns hip lifts and graceful hand and arm movements, and, if time permits, we finish with the ever popular shimmy!

This program is applicable, for example, to several Brownie, Junior, Cadet and Senior badges; however, badge or no, this is a fun activity for your troop. Furthermore, leaders are encouaged to extend an invitation to the scouts' mothers, sisters, and grandmothers. Their participation expands this to a beautiful and fun inter-generational family affair!

Partner with neighboring troops!

Join Tahya for a fun, educational and stimulating class! Learn a basic belly dance step and the history of a dance deeply steeped in women's heritage. Discover the prominent role of women in ancient Egyptian ceremony. Delve into the use of percussion instruments in ancient civilizations & co-create a processional incorporating rhythm instruments and movements inspired by artifacts from antiquity. Bringing ancient civilizations to life, this program includes a mini-lecture plus participatory component for girls and troop leaders. Participants will learn to re-create a processional for future ceremony and develop ability to share this information with others. Rhythm instruments provided. Take-home handouts included!

'Thinking Day' and
'Parent Partnership' Planning!


Junior Troop 306 with Tahya, February 2007:
Junior Troop 568 with Tahya, April 2007:


Brownie & Junior Troops with Tahya, May 2007

Comments from the Girl Scouts:

"Thank you so very much, I loved every single thing.
It was so much fun, please don't change it one bit... I loved it." - Sophie, Troop 306
"I liked it ALL!" - Margie, Troop 306
"I liked doing the hip movements. What I would have changed (would be) to stay longer and learn more."   - Victoria, Troop 306
I liked how you taught us so many moves and the history of bellydancing.
What I would have changed (would be) to teach us more about the history." - Laura, Troop 306
"Totally Wicked AWESOME. I loved it!!!" - Gia, Troop 790
"It was very fun and an exciting experience" - Michelle, Troop 790
"Very Kool with a K" -Julia, Troop 790
"I liked the music and the dancing. Tahya was great. I thought the program was the best."
- Morgan, Troop 568
"I really liked learning about the history of belly dancing." - Joelle, Troop 568
"I LOVED learning about your outfit." - Lauren, Troop 568
* * *


Are you interested in this program applying toward a badge? For example, when considering Invitation to the Dance, the program may include an introduction to mudra (hand gestures) from Classical South Indian (Bharta Natyam) dance along with a beautiful invocation to the dance known as the "Golden Rule."

For something additionally unique, consider henna "tattoos" (just above the ankle or perhaps on one's shoulder) ~ The history of henna tattoos also dates back thousands of years. Cultures from Africa to the Arab world to South Asia have embraced the art of henna body decoration-for fashion and beauty, for personal expression, for social and religious occasions, for healing purposes and more. In recent years global travel and migration, increased communication and cultural sharing has brought henna to many parts of the West, mingling traditional practices with new interpretations and uses. Since the mid-1990s henna body art has enjoyed a vogue throughout the U.S., Europe, and the world.

Henna body art is a (way cool!) all natural, temporary, painless, and safe for all skin types - a unique way to decorate your personality, spirit, and body. Henna derives from a plant, whose leaves are dried and crushed to make a powder with natural dying properties. The application of henna creates beautiful designs that temporarily stain the skin a reddish-brown that often develops into a rich brown color and lasts one to three weeks, depending on the care the dyed skin receives.

From the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt to modern-day wedding parties, henna has enjoyed a variety of applications and meanings throughout the centuries.

Enjoy these centuries old arts
Celebrate life with drumming & dance!

* * *