Tahya's memoirs of travel to Egypt

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Egypt Beckoned ...

and I answered "the call."

by Tahya



2007: It was a mid-January morning when my friend Gloriel Leight informed she was contemplating a return trip to Egypt wondering if I'd be interested in joining her. At first, I admit, I did not think it was possible since the departure date was less than 8 weeks away and I had a "full plate" of classes scheduled. Furthermore, what with the holiday season only weeks behind, I was short on cash, and, Egypt, to the best of my knowledge, was not among my top five picks of places I might want to dedicate time and expense. Nonetheless, as Gloriel revealed the itinerary, my interest was piqued. I contemplated the idea and allowed myself to "listen" to my inner guide who seemed to be ever so sweetly nudging me to let go of worry and to feel free to make this excursion. Even though I felt great uncertainty about the reality of managing to pull together the dollars needed for this adventure in a very short period of time, something inside convinced me that if I would only heed the call, the money would follow. I sensed a great "pull" I cannot explain nor could I ignore.