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August 13 , 2016 ::
  Welcome Bakithi Kumalo

BAKITHI KUMALO 's musical career has been characterized by a series of serendipitous events, ranging from his debut gig as a precocious seven-year-old filling in for the bassist in his uncle's band to his enlistment into Paul Simon's group during the recording sessions of the pop star's landmark Graceland album in 1985.  In addition to touring with Simon, he's also recorded and/or toured with the likes of Gloria Estefan, Derrick Trucks and Susan Tedeschi, Chico Ceasar, Harry Belafonte, Laurie Anderson, Cyndi Lauper, Gerald Albright, Miriam Makeba, Grover Washington Jr., Bob James, Angelique Kidjo and Chris Botti among others.

July 17 , 2016 ::  Interview* with Hossam Ramzy
Hossam Ramzy :  To a certain set of devotees, Hossam Ramzy is the very essence of world percussion. Among those disciples are Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Chick Corea, Joe Bonamassa, and Shakira, who represent a fraction of the stars this renowned darbuka (Egyptian tabla) player has worked with in his storied career. With the strains that emanate from Saudi Bedouin camps and Egyptian baladi—the urban folk and dance music that is his native tongue—Ramzy fuses sounds from around the world in performances that are expansive and earthy, overflowing with mesmerizing rhythms. An international cohort of like-minded musicians backs him for an intoxicating evening. Tahya speaks with world-renowned Egyptian percussionist Hossam Ramzy about his upcoming concert at Lafayette College's Williams Center f/t Arts .  Ali Almasi also joined me in the studio to share a few select choices introducing music from his native Tabriz.  *if you wanna fast fwd to the interview, scroll to approx. 42 min into the show.

Tahya Hossam RamzyTahya with Hossam Ramzy @ Williams Center for the Arts, Easton, PA September 2016

September 12, 2015 ::  Interview* with BERNARD FOWLER

Bernard Fowler :  an American musician & songwriter, producer and percussionist best known for providing backing vocals with The Rolling Stones for over 25 years on recordings and tours, is at home on both rock and roll stages and jazz cabarets. His dynamic vocals have appeared on hundreds of albums for bands as diverse as Herbie Hancock, John Mayer, Rod Stewart, Duran Duran, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael Buble, Philip Glass, Yoko Ono, Alice Cooper, The Neville Brothers and many more. I had the good fortune to conduct a phone interview with Bernard and along with that interview played a couple tracks from his newly released CD, The BURA.
*if you wanna fast fwd to the interview, scroll to approx. 20 min into the show.

Bernard Fowler with Tahya @ NAMM 2016Bernard Fowler greets me @ NAMM 2016

August 1 , 2015 ::  Guest Hector Rosado
Gettin' ready for Musikfest 2015
This program welcomes back internationally renowned percussionist Hector Rosado to the program.  Hector shares his background and stories of Fania recording artists with whom he had privilege to tour... Listen to music from Hector's recording sessions with his ensemble Orquesta Hache and recordings from some of the Fania All-Stars (Ray Baretto, Cecila Cruz and more). 


February 14, 2015 ::  Valentine's Day
sharing the LOVE on World Rhythms
This program includes selections from internationally renowned drummer Maciek Schejbal's playlist highlighting some of Africa's most beloved and celebrated musicians.  Maciek was invited to co-host the show with me but a recording gig prohibited his coming to WDIY that afternoon.  The show also includes an introduction to Italian percussionist Massimo Cusato ~ ENJOY! 


June 28, 2014 ::  World Cup in Brazil = Bossa Nova in my book! PLUS interview with Bernard Fowler
Recently inspired by the singing and percussion playing of Bernard Fowler, an American musician & songwriter who is at home on both rock and roll stages and jazz cabarets, I had the good fortune to conduct a phone interview with Bernard (near the top of the 2nd hour of the program).  Bernard is yet again performing with the Rolling Stones on their '14 On Fire' World Tour.  But first, between summer officially kicking in and the World Cup going on in Brazil, I elected to feature several Brazilian musicians (Eliane Elias , Caetano Veloso , Vinicius Centuaria among others) and played a LOT of bossa nova and samba sounds which I find oso infectious!


March 29, 2014 ::  In celebration of Women's History Month
Despite dreary weather here in PA this early Spring weekend, I felt bright and cheery celebrating the musicianship of varied artists.  Among those celebrated:  Layne Redmond , Alessandra Belloni , Inanna , Ubaka Hill , Angélique Kidjo  and Dobet Gnahoré  to name a few!


September 21, 2013 ::  Last day of summer 2013 & International Day of Peace... 

August 3, 2013 ::  In the mood to go to MUSIKFEST!


March 2, 2013 ::  Celebrating Year of the sssssssSnake.... 


June 16, 2012 ::  Father's Day 2012 Show dedicated to my dad Jack Keenan, who just loved bossa nova!  
This 2-hour program also includes interview with Hector Rosado during 1st hour ~ Click below to listen:


March 3, 2012 :: 2-hour program includes interview with Glen Velez at the top of the 2nd hour ~ Click below to listen:

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Community Spotlight on TAHYA Summer 2012